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The energy-saving systems provided by HELIOSRES can be adapted to suit the requirements and capabilities of any installation.

They can be installed on one-phase and three-phase networks.

From production to consumption in a single step

The main advantage of the installations in question is that the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels during the day (i.e. when the required power reaches its peak) is channelled directly to the relevant consumption needs.

The output of the generator (or PPC) and the electricity storage accumulators will be connected to the converter’s input (e.g. Sunny Island), so that Sunny Island (central converter) can channel the energy produced directly from the photovoltaic system, and add electricity from the accumulators whenever necessary. In the event that the capacity of the accumulators drops below the threshold established by the monitoring converter (Sunny Island), then Sunny Island itself will generate a command for the activation and deactivation of the generator (or connection-disconnection from the PPC network). Once the generator starts up, part of the electricity is used to charge the accumulator, and part of it is used to cover domestic needs.

Backup option for power cuts

In the event of a power cut from the PPC, then Sunny Island will absorb energy from the accumulators and add this to the power produced by the photovoltaic panels, in order to cover domestic requirements.

System expandability

Another advantage of the systems in question is that they are easily expandable. One or more electricity sources could be connected directly to the AC output and channel supplying one or more electricity sources.  The diagramme shows system expandability options.

 Self-production Option (sale of accumulated electricity to the PPC)

Clearly, at some moments the system will generate energy that cannot be used, either because there is no consumption, or because consumption is lower than the electricity produced. In this case, the consumer can also function as a small electricity producer (self-producer) who can channel-sell the extra electricity to the network.

The electricity channelled to the network will be billed by the PPC to the consumer on the basis of subsidized green KWh, at 0.45 €/KWh; at present, it is possible to sell up to 20% of the total electricity produced.

System remote monitoring using the Sunny WebBox

You can use the SMA Sunny WebBox to receive information on the current status of the system, as well as for timely diagnosis of potential faults. It is also possible to select and change the converter’s parameters. All you need for access to WebBox data is a computer and an internet connection. Finally, the system described also allows for remote monitoring of the installation by our company, resulting in the timely diagnosis of any problems.  

With your service and satisfaction always in mind, we are able to design and install any energy-saving system, suited to your specific requirements and energy needs.

Please contact us for further details.

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